Various Artists - Location Is Everything Vol. 2 JT1094
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Various Artists
Location Is Everything Vol. 2
CD Sampler

Release Date: April 20, 2004

Jade Tree’s second volume in its’ Location Is Everything (JT1094) sampler series provides the perfect overview of the label’s most recent and upcoming releases, featuring 21 tracks by beloved Jade Tree artists STRIKE ANYWHERE, DENALI, CHALLENGER, ESTER DRANG, THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES, JETS TO BRAZIL and more. The CD also features bonus tracks of unreleased, live, and demo versions of songs from PEDRO THE LION, FROM ASHES RISE, ONELINEDRAWING, PAINT IT BLACK, CEX and STATISTICS.

All tracks assembled, sequenced and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music except “We Had A Deal” and “Rapture” mastered by Will Quinnell.
Layout: Mehron Moqtaderi

1. THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES “Riding the Grape Dragon”
2. CEX “Kill Me”
4. STATISTICS “Hours Seemed Like Days”
5. PAINT IT BLACK “Womb Envy”
6. DENALI “Hold Your Breath”
7. FROM ASHES RISE “Reaction”
9. CHALLENGER “Input the Output”
10. ESTER DRANG “The Greatest Thing”
11. KID DYNAMITE “Heart a Tact”
12. FURY “Resurrection”
13. JOAN OF ARC “Dead Together”
14. MILEMARKER “The Banner to the Sick”
15. JETS TO BRAZIL “You’re the One I Want”

16. FROM ASHES RISE “Bloodlust” (Live)
17. CEX “Cut Wrists” (New & Unreleased)
18. PEDRO THE LION “I Do” (Unreleased Demo Version)
19. PAINT IT BLACK “The Pharmacist” (Live)
20. STATISTICS “Another Space Song” (Unreleased)
21. ONELINDRAWING “Rapture” (Unreleased)