Breather Resist - Charmer JT1098
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Breather Resist
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Release Date: October 5, 2004

Produced by Kurt Ballou (Isis, Cave In, Give Up the Ghost, Converge), Charmer (JT1098) takes off in many ways where their Only In Morning EP left off, that is to say in throws of total madness, the end result is an absolute force to reckon with; equally vicious, progressive and thoroughly unpredictable. The band, made up of current Black Cross and one time National Acrobat member Evan Patterson on guitar, along with bassist Nick Thieneman, drummer Geoff Paton, and vocalist Steve Sindoni, deliver an explosive and volatile vision – scathing, brutal, and biting BREATHER RESIST are simply too explosive to ignore.

Steve Sindoni, vocals. Nick Thieneman, bass/vocals. Evan Patterson, guitar/vocals. Geoff Paton, drums.
Chris Owens sings a little on “Honest to God”
Ryan Patterson sings a little on “A Social Worker’s Nightmare”
Maximum Louisville back-ups on “Long Nights, Short Fuses” Includes Brent, Cory, Derek, Chris, Pat, Stan, Ryan, Matt, Keith, Craig, and Honk.
Trombone on “As Far As Goodbyes Go” by David Hume
Intro to “Keep ‘em In Stitches” by Joel Stallings/Avorza
Evan played the acoustic, the piano, and whistled.
Nick played the univox mini-korg.
Produced, engineered, mixed by Kurt Ballou.
Assistant engineer Brian Haulter.
Recorded and mixed May 16-23 on the 4th year of the 2nd millennium at Downtown Studios Louisville, KY.
Mixed again June 2-3 at God City, Salem, MA.
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Tenafly, NJ.

1. An Insomniac’s Complexion
2. A Social Worker’s Nightmare
3. Midas In Reverse
4. Honest To God
5. As Far As Goodbyes Go
6. Keep ’Em In Stitches
7. Long Nights, Short Fuses
8. Loose Lipped Error
9. A Passing Glance
10. Amphetamine Praise
11. Astigmatism