Paint It Black - New Lexicon JT1126
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Paint It Black
New Lexicon
CD | Green Vinyl LP | Digital Download

Release Date: February 19, 2008

PAINT IT BLACK’s New Lexicon was not easy to produce, but it’s gritty, thunderous and ugly—just the way hardcore punk should be.

New Lexicon marks PAINT IT BLACK’s first recording with new drummer Jared Shavelson (Hope Conspiracy, None More Black) and boasts guest vocals from Jeff Pezatti (Naked Raygun). Still, many of the best surprises occur behind the scenes.

Rather than straining to re-create “lo-fi” in a studio, New Lexicon rings in an aggressive clarity from engineer J. Robbins’ (Modern Life is War, Against Me!). With a thick low-end up front (think Bad Brains’ Roir sessions), New Lexicon says that aggression doesn’t have to be found only in thick guitars.

From here, the album was passed on to co-producer Oktopus of the indie hip hop group Dalek. Here, the existing sounds of feedback, bass booms and cymbal crashes were twisted into haunting ambient interludes and serpentine waves trailing behind the buzz saw riffs.

With little debate, this is Paint It Black’s finest hour …or, half-hour, anyway, with 15 songs clocking in at a dizzying 30 minutes, 26 seconds.

LP available from Rivalry Records.

Produced by J. Robbins, Oktopus and Paint It Black.

Live instruments and vocals recorded at the Magpie Cage, Baltimore, MD by J. Robbins.

Overdubs, samples and other sonic tinkering committed by the Oktopus and engineered by Alap Momin at DeadVerse Studios, Union City, NJ.

Mixed by Oktopus at DeadVerse.

Anthem Vocals in “Shell Game Redux” by Jeff Pezzati. Recorded by Daniel Escauriza in Chicago, IL

Additional Vocals by Andrew Mackie, Joshua Noah Charles and Father Michael Patrick McKee.

Mastered at West West Side Music, New Windsor, NY by Alan Douches

Art Direction by Clint Woodside at Tomorrow. Photography by Sean Dack.
Paint It Black is:
Josh Agran: Guitar
Andy Nelson: Bass & Vocals
Jared Shavelson: Drums
Dan Yemin: Vocals

Paint It Black uses Ampeg amps, DR strings and C & C drums.

All songs © & 2008 Paint It Black
Daneurysm (SESAC)
Distort Ardmore (SESAC)
Play Hard Music (SESAC)
Mother Fucker Peanut Butter (SESAC)

(C) & (P) Jade Tree 2008 / JT1126

1. The Ledge
2. Four Deadly Venoms
3. We Will Not
4. Past Tense, Future Perfect
5. Missionary Position
6. White Kids Dying of Hunger
7. Gravity Wins
8. Dead Precedents
9. The Beekeeper
10. Check Yr Math
11. So Much for Honour Among Thieves
12. New Folk Song
13. Saccharine
14. Severance
15. Shell Game Redux