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Dave Hause
Heavy Heart
7 Inch Orange Vinyl | Digital Download

Release Date: May 29, 2012

Dave Hause’s Heavy Heart is Jade Tree’s offering in a series of 7″ EPs spanning a variety of independent labels, including SideOneDummy, Bridge Nine Records and Chunksaah Records among others. Each record in the series features two alternate versions of Hause originals and two covers of songs from the label’s catalog. The title track “Heavy Heart” and Rankers & Rotters” are followed by Dave Hause’s renditions of The Promise Ring’s “Skips a Beat (Over You)” and Jets to Brazil’s “Psalm” on the B side. Though this is Dave first solo release for Jade tree, he is very much a part of the label’s family – first playing guitar on Paint It Black’s debut album CVA and then releasing the self titled debut EP by his three piece, The Loved Ones.

Piano on “Psalm” by Jesse Skokos

“Skips a Beat (Over You)” by The Promise Ring (D. Didier, D. Von Bohlen, J. Gnewikow and S. Schoenbeck) Published by Songs Music Publishing, LLC obo Darling Partisan (SESAC), Tornado Country Music (SESAC), Take Me Drunk I’m Home Again (SESAC), To Vera Sue (SESAC)

“Psalm” by Blake Schwarzenbach, Jett Black Music (SESAC)

All songs produced, engineered and mixed by Pete Steinkopf

1. Heavy Heart
2. Rankers & Rotters
3. Skips a Beat (Over You)
4. Psalm