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Somewhere In The Swamps Of Jersey
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Release Date: March 21, 2006

Somewhere In The Swamps Of Jersey unearths the lesser-known side of LIFETIME and simultaneously presents a new take on the band’s impassioned hardcore. This double-disc set not only contains singles, compilation tracks, covers and demos, but also two versions of their crucial, out-of-print 1993 debut, Background. Disc one’s version has been completely remixed to now foreshadow the tight, loud and exuberant sound that would eventually define the band. Disc two presents a remaster of the untouched original, complete with the bonus live set. A 52-page perfect-bound book of liner notes, lyrics and over 40 rare photographs completes this collector’s dream.

Disc A:
Chris Corvino: Bass – tracks 22-26
Scott Golley: Drums – tracks 1 & 7-10
Justin Janisch: Bass – tracks 12-21
Ari Katz: Vocals – all tracks & Drums – tracks 22-26
Pete Martin: Guitar- tracks 1-11
Dave Palaitis: Bass – tracks 1-11
Scott St. Hilaire: Guitar – tracks 12-26
David Wagenschutz: Drums – tracks 2-6 & 11-21
Dan Yemin: Guitar – all tracks

Track 1
Originally released as the b-side of The Boy’s No Good 7” (Jade Tree). Recorded at Trax East in South River, NJ in June 1996. Produced and engineered by Steve Evetts.

Tracks 2-6
Originally released as the Tinnitus / seveninches 7”/CD (Glue Records). Recorded at Trax East in April 1994. Produced by Eric Rachel and Lifetime. Mixed by Steve Evetts and Lifetime.

Tracks 7-10
Previously unreleased. The original mixes appeared on the following compilations: Punk Uprisings Vol. 2 (Go Kart Records), The Tie That Binds (Nevermore Records), Anti-Matter (Another Planet Records) and Music Does A Body Good (Glue Records). Recorded and mixed by Alap Momin at Sweetwood Sound in Parsippany, NJ.

Track 11
Originally released on the Land Of Greed… World Of Need compilation (Watermark/Trustkill Records).

Tracks 12-21
Previously unreleased. Recorded by Seth “Freebird” Alexander at SRA Music Studio in Scotch Plains, NJ during the spring and summer 1992. Remixed by Dave Palaitis and Bob Strakele at Atomic Recording in Brooklyn, NY in September 2005.

Tracks 22-26
Originally released as the Lifetime 7”/CA (New Age Records). Recorded at Trax East in May and June 1991. Engineered by Steve Evetts. Back-ups by Lifetime, John, Brian, Jeff, Rob, and Lenny. Remixed by Chris Curran in 1994 for the seveninches CD (Glue Records).

Disc B:
Justin Janisch / Bass
Ari Katz / Vocals
Scott St. Hilaire / Guitar
David Wagenschutz / Drums
Dan Yemin / Guitar

All Tracks
Originally released as Background LP/CD/CA (New Age Records). Tracks 1-10 recorded and mixed by Seth “Freebird” Alexander at SRA Music Studio in Scotch Plains, NJ during the spring and summer of 1992. Live material recorded at the Lost Horizons in Syracuse, New York on July 5th, 1992. Thanks to Mike Hartsfield and John McKaig.

This collection was compiled by David Wagenschutz at Jade Tree HQ from July 2003 to October 2005.

Mastered at West West Side Music in New Windsor, NY by Alan Douches, assisted by Kim Dumas.

All songs by Lifetime except “New England” composed by Billy Bragg and published by Chrysalis Standards, Inc. “Money” written by Embrace. Courtesy of Dischord Records (© 1986).

Art Direction & Design by Nick Pritchard (

Photographers: Justin Borucki, Jana B. Crawford, Sean Cronan, Fred Hammer, Glenn Maryansky, Justin Moulder. Justin Janisch, Matt O’Brien, Dave Palaitis, Chrissy Paternostro, Ole C. Petterson, Chrissy Piper, Adam Tanner

Interview excerpts from Rumpshaker

Disc A:
1. Somewhere In The Swamps Of Jersey
2. Isae Aldy Beausoleil
3. Ferret
4. Starsixtynine
5. Ampersand
6. Secede
7. Young, Loud, And Scotty
8. Bringin’ It Backwards
9. Theme Song For A New Brunswick Basement Show
10. New England
11. Money
12. You
13. Pieces
14. Myself
17. Bedtime
18. Old Friend
19. Ghost
20. Alive
21. Background
22. Dwell
23. Find
24. Souvenir
25. Gone
26. Tradition

Disc B:
1. You
2. Pieces
3. Myself
4. Thanks
5. Up
6. Bedtime
7. Old Friend
8. Ghost
9. Alive
10. Background
11. You (Live)
12. Ghost (Live)
13. Thanks (Live)
14. Dwell (Live)
15. Up (Live)
16. Alive (Live)
17. Gone (Live)
18. Bedtime (Live)
19. Background (Live)