Four Walls Falling - Culture Shock JT1001
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Four Walls Falling
Culture Shock
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Release Date: August 1, 1991

Our first ever release is more than just a trip down memory lane; it’s a politically charged collection of hardcore punk anthems whose relevance never seems to dissipate, even ten years later. There are hundreds of records that “you had to be there” for, but this isn’t one of them. Recently licensed by Day After Records, vinyl is once again available for this classic.

Taylor Steele: Vocals
Bo Steele: Guitar
Brett Winletter: Guitar
Miky Scheer: Bass
Kyle Walker: Drums

Recorded April 1990
Released August 1991

Recorded at Why Me?, NJ
Engineered & Mixed by Joe Deluca
Produced by Tim Owen
Mastered at Future Disc by Eddie Schreyer, CA
Layout by William Colgrove
Cover Photo by Chris Toliver
Band Photo by Tim Owen

1. Values and Instabilities
2. Culture Shock
3. Greed
4. I Witness
5. Cleanse the Soul
6. Intro
7. Search
8. Price of Silence
9. Filled
10. Back on Top