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Jones Very
New Life For Lies

Release Date: November 1, 1992

Hardcore trainspotters might recognize Vic Bondi as the fast and furious frontman for the legendary Articles of Faith or as the mature and comparatively subdued voice behind Alloy. In JONES VERY, Bondi is a multifaceted character weaving between the two with both dexterous restraint and unchecked passion, inadvertently creating one of the best records you’ve probably never heard.

1. Burning World
2. Nothing Sin
3. Beckett
4. The Last Joke
5. Alabaster Sons
6. Straight Time
7. Dead at the River
8. Two Minutes
9. Bastards Win
10. Here and Gone

Vic Bondi: Vocals, Guitar
Jeff Goddard: Bass
Jamie Van Bramer: Drums

Additional Musicians:

Pat Mahoney: Backing Vocals, Guitars
Kenny Chambers: Guitars
Carl Plaster: Bass Overdubs

Recorded 1991
Released November 1992

Recorded & Mixed at Fort Apache, MA
Engineered by Carl Plaster
Produced by Lou Giordano
Mastered at Future Disc by Eddie Schreyer, CA
Layout/Graphics by Marcus Durant
Photography by Shawn Scallen