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Release Date: June 11, 2002

Existing in Washington, DC circa 1989 and featuring members of Ignition and Swiz, FURY was unapologetically hardcore in the vein of Void, Discharge, and Minor Threat. At the end of their short run, FURY managed to record all their songs in an uninterrupted 12-minute rant-to-tape. Years after the band’s demise these songs were released as a limited 7″EP and are finally available on CD for the first time.

Chris Thomson – words, Jason Farrell – guitar, Alex Daniels – drums, Shawn Brown – bass.

Recorded 8.89 at Inner Ear Studio
Engineered by Eli Janney
Produced by Paul “Shazam” Dever

Previously released as a 7 inch on THD Records

1. Resurrection
2. Space Love
3. Shotgun
4. Circle of Lies
5. Psycho
6. Last One