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Jets To Brazil
Perfecting Loneliness
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Release Date: October 15, 2002

JETS TO BRAZIL‘S third offering is a mirror ball of sound that reflects a clearer, more focused band and represents not so much a continuation of JETS TO BRAZIL‘S previous gestures, but rather a better understanding of them. Having mastered their brave blend of angular rock, epic balladry, and really cool keyboard noises, the Jets have accomplished what is quite clearly the defining record of their career. This CD is enhanced with video.

Blake Schwarzenbach: sing, pianny, Juno, Mellotron, lap, steel, acoustic / electric
Jeremy Chatelain: bass (fingers, felt, tortex), sing, Hunan bicycle
Chris Daly: drums, snares, percussion, lamp-lit sizzle
Brian Maryansky: Guitars, Phases, pedals, ambient grit
Amy Domingues: Cello
J. Robbins: Mellotron, JXP Sequence, Drive

Recorded April 2002
Released October 2002

Recorded and Mixed by J. Robbins at Inner Ear, Phase and Water Music
Mix assisted by Reuben Kaller
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side
Visual Mechanics: Glenn Maryansky
Enhanced CD: Edit-Jeremy, Score-Brian, Footage-Group Effort

1. The Frequency
2. You’re the One I Want
3. Cat Heaven
4. Perfecting Loneliness
5. Lucky Charm
6. Wish List
7. Psalm
8. Autumn Walker
9. Further North
10. William Tell Override
11. Disgrace
12. Rocket Boy