Alkaline Trio




McHenry, IL [1996-Present]

Matt Skiba – Guitars, Vocals
Dan Andriano – Bass, Vocals
Derek Grant – Drums.

The Story

Right out of the gate, the kids realized that while this may still be loosely categorized as "pop punk," it’s a full step beyond. There’s a dark side to this band, a world-weariness, and some honest-to-whoever honesty all balled up into a completely kinetic force. Even the jaded fucks can’t help but sing along to those two different-but-perfectly complementary voices, singer/guitarist Matt Skiba’s triumphant rasp and singer/bassist Dan Andriano’s more measured, sweet croon as they combine to completely wreck audiences with bittersweet songs about love and loss, drugs and drink, God and Satan, happiness and pain. All of this comes from three young guys, about as many chords, and a healthy supply of beer, cigarettes, and heartbreak. (Taken from the bands website)