Washington, DC [1987 - 2008]

Tim Barry - Vocals
Joe Banks - Guitar
Gwomper - Bass
Ed Trask - Drums
Beau Beau - Cheerleader

The Story

Hardly in need of any introduction, Avail boasts heavyweight status as one of America's longest running punk bands of merit. Originally conceived in the suburbs and shadow of late '80s DC hardcore, the band soon relocated to Richmond, Virginia, to release classic records such as Satiate, Dixie and 4 A.M. Friday. With years of incessant touring, studio and live albums, and a jump from Lookout to Fat Wreck Chords, Avail's high-energy melodies, thundering breakdowns and occasional classic rock riffs gradually integrated more and more of the band's Richmond roots. The result has been a truly unique band outside of the obvious punk subset molds. There's no need to try to paint it as intentionally blue collar, purposefully Southern or anything else: It's just Avail.