Chapel Hill, NC [2003-Present]

Dave Laney - Guitars/Vocals
Al Burian - Guitars/Bass/Vocals
Tim Remis - Drums

The Story

I know what you’re thinking: “this is just a Milemarker side project under a different name.” Foo on you, fool. Challenger is a new thing, a bold reformation featuring members of another band you love. Yes, the backbone of punk powerhouse Milemarker, Dave Laney and Al Burian, are here. You trust their voices like your momma trusts Peter “Lazy Eye” Jennings. Their respective ‘zines, Dave’s Media Reader and Al’s Burn Collector, have stimulated your brain stem with words of wisdom and intrigue for years. Their live shows have inspired you and your friends to put out freshly lit cigarettes on your arms and drive recklessly and start your own bands after guzzling bottles of generic brand cough syrup.