Cub Country



Brooklyn, NY [2000-Present]

Jeremy Chatelain - All Instruments

The Story

When Jets To Brazil bassist Jeremy Chatelain set out to record a solo record of the kind of AM country-western tunes he would listen to as a young boy growing up in the hilly enclaves of suburban Utah, it was by all means a modest undertaking. Not even his closest friends knew what he was up to as he set up shop in his apartment's spare bedroom, turning to the melodies gathering in his head and the iMac gathering dust in the corner. Sad-eyed and surreal Americana sonnets emerged from this, as did Chatelain, who proved himself to be one of the most charming songwriters among us. While recent years have found Chatelain sharing the stage with a number of companions, it's still his twangy ruminations on life's great mysteries that render heart-touchingly close-delivering songs that can be as personal and intimate as the tiny bedroom they were recorded in.