Dark Blue




Philadelphia, PA [2013-Present]

John Sharkey III - Voice/Guitars
Andrew Mackie Nelson - The Bass Guitar
Mike Sneeringer - The Drums

The Story

Led by that charismatic crooner of a hometown sports fanatic, John Sharkey III (Clockcleaner, Puerto Rico Flowers) the trio known as Dark Blue might be the super group Philadelphia has been waiting on for quite some time. Besides Sharkey, the band boasts Andrew Mackie Nelson (Ceremony, Puerto Rico Flowers, Paint It Black) and Mike Sneeringer (formerly of Purling Hiss, Peurto Rico Flowers) in its ranks and the noise they produce is something that could only come from the melding of three dudes with such twisted tastes and talents. It’s a sound that is both malevolent and ethereal; like a throng of boot boys interfering on a night of good fun at the Hacienda in the late 80’s. But if you’re looking for a more concrete description of what they do; their sonics could be aligned with later period Blitz, ‘Still from the Heart’ era Angelic Upstarts or the later solo records of Sham 69 front man, Jimmy Pursey. Both Dark Blue’s brittle though muscular sound and menacing vibe can be polarizing to some, but don’t fret. So shine your boots and join the swarm.