David Bazan


Seattle, WA [2006-Present]

David Bazan - Vocals/Guitar

The Story

Known and respected for his tenure performing as Pedro the Lion, songwriter David Bazan has broken up with himself to continue on with his solo career. While his chemistry with occasional Pedro partner TW Walsh made for strong results, Bazan's compositions propel this artist ahead. Solid, melodic, introspective and prone to both autobiographical and fictional narratives, Bazan's music continues to resonate with fans of classic singer-songwriters such as Simon & Garfunkel, younger heart-benders like Bright Eyes, as well as the seasoned greats of American Music Club and Red House Painters. With plans for a new studio album in the spring of 2007 and a tour with kindred spirits Vic Chestnutt and Mark Eitzel, truly Bazan's best work is yet to come.