4 Walls Falling




Richmond, VA [1986-1994]

Taylor Steele – Vocals
Bo Steele – Guitar
Brett Winletter – Guitar
Miky Scheer – Bass
Kyle Walker – Drums

The Story

Scenes are often dated. Passion and skill, however, dodge the expiration date, explaining the staying power of 4 Walls Falling. While most prominent in the early to mid-'90s, 4 Walls Falling helped define-and continues to inform-a cathartic, inventive and personal style of hardcore still incapable of being watered down with tags like the "E" word. Drawing from the same zeitgeist as groups such as Endpoint and Turning Point, Four Walls chugged without machismo, and vented without moping. Simultaneously emotional and specifically political, songs like "Greed" or "Culture Shock" define 4 Walls Falling as an underground classic of recent times.

Video flashback

Full set from when Four Walls Falling played Middlesex County College on 4/4/1992. Video by Michael Medina. 


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