Washington, D.C. [1989-1989]

Chris Thompson
Shawn Brown
Alex Daniels
Jason Farnell

The Story

Jade Tree proudly re-releases the out-of-print Resurrection EP from this obscure orphan of harDCore. Easily one of the snottiest, deviant voices in hardcore, Chris Thompson (Circus Lupus, Monorchid, Skull Control) makes his singing debut on this 12-minute recording put to tape in 1989. Backing Thompson is most of the cast of Swiz displaying their dirtier, thrashier roots in these five venomous sketches of what we'd all be listening to soon. There's ample connection to the sounds of forebears Faith or Artificial Peace, although a more colorful description might be if Johnny Rotten were suddenly allowed to sing for a youth crew band playing on broken equipment.