Hot Water Music




Gainesville, FL [1994-Present]

Chuck Ragan - Vocals, Guitar
Chris Wollard - Vocals, Guitar
Jason Black - Bass
George Rebelo - Drums

The Story

Built on a foundation of open-mindedness, teamwork and democracy, Hot Water Music have been a road and studio dynamo since coming together in Gainesville, Florida in the mid-1990s. The group has been able to grow its fan base every year, remain true to itself and retain the kind of credibility eons of other “mainstream punk” bands would kill for. As Jason Black thumps on his bass, drummer George Rebelo keeps an expert beat, Chuck Ragan and Chris Wollard carve out blistering, memorable riffs, along with thought-provoking vocal delivery perfecting Hot Water Music’s lure. Furiously intoned prose like, “I could waste away with politics/drown myself with wine/find myself through solitude/and inject poison into my mind,” is all the evidence needed to affirm their genius. (Taken from The Epitaph website)