J Church




San Francisco, CA [1992-Present]

Lance Hahn - Vocals, Guitar
Gardner - Bass
Reed - Drums

The Story

There's few independent labels J Church hasn't released a record with, but the volume of output doesn't signify mediocre product. The prolific band has soldiered on for more than a decade, formed from the ashes of frontman Lance Hahn's previous band, Cringer (one of the few Hawaiian punk bands most people can name on command). At times deceptively simplistic, there is a certain zen to a J Church record few other bands are able to imitate. Disarmingly basic pop punk progressions mask complex melodies, dark lyrics and an uncompromising critique owing as much to Hemingway's cool economy to Sartre's grim solipsism. To this day, J Church remains not only active, but also impressively fresh, with each new release a complimentary chapter to its former missives.