Jets To Brazil




Brooklyn, NY [1997-2003]

Blake Schwarzenbach - Singing, Guitars, Keyboards
Brian Maryansky - Guitars (JT1052)
Jeremy Chatelain - Bass, Singing
Chris Daly - Drums, Percussion

The Story

"It's beautiful and it's sad, but it's all that I have," Blake Schwarzenbach sang on Jets To Brazil's third album, Perfecting Loneliness— and it sounded like a man who knew what he was up against. Credit it to nearly two decades of emoting underground for Schwarzenbach and his bandmates, a group of scene vets whose various ex-member credentials-as weighty as they may be-seem a lot more like a talented bunch of normal guys that we simply know as Brian, Jeremy and newest member/powerhouse drummer Matt Torrey. Together they've found themselves traveling down a road that rarely seems to have an end, setting off on a journey back in 1997 that would end up being both musical and spiritual. Through it all, Schwarzenbach has stood tall as a storyteller in which life's perils have been told as a tale that absolutely gets better later-only now such lessons effortlessly pour out of the man, the weight of it all being courageously held up by his bandmates, while his guitar (or piano) gently weeps. Beautiful and sad? Sure. But these days, Schwarzenbach is all the better for it.