Joan Of Arc



chicago, il [1995-Present]

Tim Kinsella - Vocals, Guitar
Jeremy Boyle - Guitar, Vocals
Mike Kinsella - Guitar (JT1028), Drums (JT1033, JT1037, JT1042, JT1053)
Todd Mattei - Guitar (JT1042, JT1053)
Matt Clark - Bass (JT1053, JT1057)
Samuel Zurick - Drums (JT1028), Guitar (JT1033, JT1037)
Erik Bocek - Bass (JT1028, JT1033, JT1037)

The Story

As the singer of Cap'N Jazz, Tim Kinsella could often be found rolling around the floor at dungy basement shows, screaming his throat soar as his band fell apart behind him. But when he started Joan of Arc in 1996 with a revolving cast of friends and musicians from his days in the suburban Chicago punk scene, he picked himself up, dusted himself off, and spearheaded an all-over the place art rock collective that asked to be burned at the stakes. Nearly a decade later, Joan of Arc and their notorious frontman never caught fire-nor were they completely chased down by angry Cap'N Jazz fans with torches-but it has certainly been an interesting ride. He's released a live album that wasn't live, an eleven-song record with only ten songs on it, and changed his name to Kinsellas because he was feeling plural. But no matter how strange he's tried to seem, there's just no escaping how simple his existence has been: all along Kinsella has stood in front of us as a God-given songwriter, with a mind as tortured as his heart. As one rather astute JOA fan put it a few years back: "We love you because you don't rock!" Indeed.