Jade Tree - First Five Years


Release Date: July 4, 2000
Physical: CD
Digital: iTunes, Amazon
Stream: Rdio, Spotify


After ten years and fifty records, we thought it was only right that we pay homage to our earliest releases. These eleven 7-inch singles came out at a time when our mailorder catalog was still a xeroxed one-sheet and our website was still rumination for science fiction fodder. They were issued with very little fanfare, but loads of love. So with that, we thank GRAVEL, JONES VERY, RAILHED, PITCHBLENDE, EGGS, LESLIE, UNIVERSAL ORDER OF ARMAGEDDON, WALLEYE, and EDSEL – brought together for the first time on this 35-song double CD, and yours for the price of one.


Releases Included

Gravel / Pointing Fingers at Faces JT1002 7″/CD
Jones Very / Trains of Thought JT1003 7″/CD
Railhed / I Am You JT1007 7″
Pitchblende / Weed Slam JT1008 7″
Eggs / Jade Tree JT1010 7″
Leslie / (All) Tricked Out JT1011 7″
Universal Order of Armageddon / Symptom JT1013 7″
Walleye / Stale Air JT1015 7″
Eggs/Pitchblende JT1016 Split 7″
Walleye/Damnation AD JT1017 Split 7″
Edsel / No. 5 Recitative JT1018 7″