Various Artists - Location Is Everything Vol. 1


Release Date: April 16, 2002
Physical: CD
Digital: iTunes, Amazon
Stream: Rdio, Spotify


Jade Tree’s first sampler “Location is Everything Vol. 1″ (JT1075) is economically priced and designed to provide a definitive overview of the label’s output. 16 of the CD’s 23 tracks dip into Jade Tree’s catalog of recent and forthcoming releases with songs by NEW END ORIGINAL, STRIKE ANYWHERE, DENALI, ONELINEDRAWING, TRIAL BY FIRE, OWLS, and many more. This sampler also features seven never-before-released songs by JETS TO BRAZIL, THE PROMISE RING, PEDRO THE LION, MILEMARKER, GIRLS AGAINST BOYS, MIIGHTY FLASHLIGHT, and PAINT IT BLACK.



1. New End Original – Lukewarm
2. Girls Against Boys – Kicking The Lights
3. Denali – Gunner
4. Trial by Fire – To Whom it May Redeem
5. Cub Country – High Uinta High
6. Milemarker – Shrink To Fit
7. Miighty Flashlight – Ballet Skool
8. Strike Anywhere – S.S.T.
9. Owls – I want the quiet moments of a party girl
10. The Explosion – God Bless the S.O.S.
11. Zero Zero – Back To Hell
12. Jets to Brazil – Milk & Apples
13. Euphone – My Ladies Can’t Remember the ’80′s
14. The Promise Ring – Emergency! Emergency!
15. OneLineDrawing – Smile
16. Pedro the Lion – Rapture


17: Girls Against Boys – Super Slow
18. Milemarker – New Lexicon
19. Pedro the Lion – Backwoods Nation
20. Jets to Brazil – I’ve Got All The Words…
21. Paint it Black – Another Beautiful “Fuck You” Song!
22. Miighty Flashlight – Thickened Light
23. The Promise Ring – Easy