Breather Resist - Charmer


Release Date: October 12, 2004
Physical: CD
Digital: iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon
Stream: Rdio, Spotify


Produced by Kurt Ballou (Isis, Cave In, Give Up the Ghost, Converge), Charmer (JT1098) takes off in many ways where their Only In Morning EP left off, that is to say in throws of total madness, the end result is an absolute force to reckon with; equally vicious, progressive and thoroughly unpredictable. The band, made up of current Black Cross and one time National Acrobat member Evan Patterson on guitar, along with bassist Nick Thieneman, drummer Geoff Paton, and vocalist Steve Sindoni, deliver an explosive and volatile vision – scathing, brutal, and biting BREATHER RESIST are simply too explosive to ignore.