Fucked Up - Triumph of Life


Release Date: August 22, 2006
Physical: Vinyl (Out of Print)


Long known for favoring the EP format over the full-length, Toronto’s FUCKED UP makes its Jade Tree debut with the two-song Triumph of Life seven inch. Although the six-minute title track appears on the group’s forthcoming long-player, Hidden World, this highly anticipated EP offers a completely different studio version. Decidedly more raw than its full-length counterpart, the version found here crackles, hisses, thunders and booms with all the chaos of the band’s legendary live shows-only listening to the seven inch, there’s no ink-stamp smear left on your hand later. With only two songs, FUCKED UP solidifies its reputation as “the second coming of punk” (thank you Maximum Rock ‘n Roll): a band very much doing its own thing, in spite of the underground’s many trends and pigeonholes. The comparatively shorter “Neat Parts” makes sure not to skimp, getting the job done quickly, and leaving listeners winded. Breaking the usual punk-song-time-limit barrier, Triumph of Life is an epic, multifarious track that roars through every expectation. Melodic, anthemic guitar lines and a driving rhythm section batter listeners alongside some of hardcore’s most ferocious and truly jarring vocals.


Track Listing

1. Triumph of Life
2. Neat Parts