Cloak/Dagger - Don't Need A


Release Date: October 27, 2009
Physical: Vinyl
Digital: iTunes, Amazon
Stream: Spotify


Cloak/Dagger’s new 7″ and digital release packs in another round of aggressive rock, hard to categorize but easy to feel. Listeners will appreciate the warning shot before the full-length Lost Art, leaves them with a throbbing, euphoric bruise that defies the cookie-cutter punk ‘n roll mould. From Barth’s winding guitars and Mazzola’s burr-throated bellow, punk’s signature urgency crashes into a mid-tempo rock swagger pumping the best of forebears like Hot Snakes, Circle Jerks and The Avengers. Don’t Need A is avialable on vinyl from in the US and in Europe.

Track Listing

1. Don’t Need A
2. Jesus Had A Twin
3. Twenty On One