jade tree - Twenty Five Years


250 - Coke Bottle Clear w/ Pink Splatter

1000 - Black (Record Stores / Online Retailers)


Release Date: February 26th, 2016
Physical: Vinyl
Digital: iTunes, Amazon, Google Play
Stream: Spotify, Tidal


In celebration of our 25 year anniversary, Jade Tree will be releasing a compilation featuring the best and brightest of the label's extensive historical catalogue. 

Since 1990, Jade Tree has strived to accumulate a selection of releases that are as musically diverse as they are memorable. This compilation will be the physical representation of two and a half decades of Jade Tree's presence in underground rock music. 

For many of the artists the label has worked with, Jade Tree has been the threshold between the underground and the mainstream. Twenty Five Years brings a retrospective look into the foundations of the label, and in doing so, takes one more step forward toward Jade Tree's next chapter. 


1. The Promise Ring "Is This Thing On?"
2. Pedro The Lion "Rapture"
3. Strike Anywhere "Infrared" 
4. Denali "The Instinct"
5. Kid Dynamite "News At 11"
6. Joan of Arc "Post-Coitus Rock"
7. From Ashes Rise "Reaction"
8. Fucked Up "David Comes to Life"
9. Swiz "Cakewalk"
10. Lifetime "Daneurysm"
11. Cap'n Jazz "Little League"
12. Paint It Black "Exit Wounds"
13. Jets To Brazil "I Typed For Miles"