New Brunswick, NJ [1990-Present]

Ari Katz - Vocals
Dan Yemin - Guitar
Pete Martin - Guitar
Dave Palaitis - Bass
Scott Golley - Drums

The Story

Originally forming in early '90s New Jersey, the legendary Lifetime had the dubious honor of watching most of its peers fade out or fall off. Rather than wallowing in nostalgia, like fellow celebrated Jersey musicians, the band became its own boss, reinventing its sound, leaving a hardcore-by-the-rules scene to decide for itself. That many since have decided to further explore Lifetime's blueprint has proven something to be thankful for, although few compare to the real thing.

Allowing the emotional cracks of its early days to fuel the passionately crafted classics of its later period, Lifetime draws from a tradition of melodic rockers ever committed to maintaining the bite of punk's explosive side, from Husker Du to Pinhead Gunpowder.

By the late 1990s, Lifetime had redefined underground music in America, steering it towards a progressive transition from the hardcore of yesteryear.