Louisville, KY [2003-Present]

Chris Owens - Vocals / Guitar
Stan Doll - Drums
Tony Bailey - Bass

The Story

The Louisville, Kentucky music scene has developed a reputation for giving birth to some of the most unique and expressive independent music artists over the past two decades. Lords just might be the heir apparent to that throne. Like an amalgam of Black Flag and Black Sabbath, the band firmly aligns itself with a strong punk ethos and a brutal metal sound, creating a hybrid not commonly found in today’s too often stagnant hardcore scene. Their dizzying blend of precise, hyper-speed rhythms, caustic, eardrum-smashing vocals and punishing riffs is sure to leave a trail of scorched earth in its wake. While the scar tissue of an increasingly complacent America continues to fester, experiencing the torrid, yet passionate, chaos of Lords just might be the cure-all.