Chapel Hill, NC [1997-Present]

Dave Laney - Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Drums, Computer
Al Burian - Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Synthesizer
Roby Newton - Vocals, Synthesizer
Sean Husick - Drums, Fizmo

The Story

Here's what little we do know about Milemarker: They consider themselves a collective as opposed to a band. To boot, they are alternately known as the Milemarker Collective, the Milemarker People's Liberation Army, or the Milemarker Entertainment and Reprogramming Consulate. All of the band's members and ex-members bear identical tattoos of a multi-headed Hydra branded with the inscription "Cut off one head and another three shall grow in its place." And, umm, apparently their live show has inspired more than one case of self-immolation.

Okay. Whatever the case, Milemarker have executed three albums for the cause; the last of which - an angular and future-rhythmic venture called Frigid Forms Sell for the D.C.-based Lovitt Records - was as inspiring a rock record as any of the classic revolution songs. And let's face it: records carrying a forward-thinking musical intuition and an atypical approach to political lyricism just don't come along like this every day.

Milemarker's first release full length for Jade Tree, Anaesthetic, ignites further speculation on their high profile ambiguity before lending credence to anarchist author Emma Goldman and the subversive mantra she coined several years ago: "It's not my revolution if you can't dance to it."