New End Original




Bay Area, CA [2000-2003]

Jonah Matranga - Guitar, Vocals
Norman Arenas - Guitar
Scott Winegard - Bass
Charlie Walker - Drums

The Story

Perhaps it was too good to be true. Forming out of the ashes of some of the underground's most beloved bands, New End Original was conceived by Onelinedrawing's Jonah Matranga in late-1999 as a plugged in rock band not unlike his former band Far an idea that would only come to be a year later when ex-Chamberlain drummer Charlie Walker and Texas Is The Reason alums Scott Winegard and Norman Arenas signed on. Setting out as a supergroup with an immediatte following, the release of their 2001 debut Thriller proved New End Original to be a great band period, crafting an album full of skyscraper-tall riffs and infectious melodies that would stick in their fans' heads for years to come. Too bad they didn't have that long: together for just two turbulent years, New End Original split up in 2003 to allow its members to explore everything from progressive house to serene experimental pop to All-American arena rock.

Where Are They Now?

Jonah Matranga Currently singing and playing guitar in Gratitude, Jonah also continues to perform as a solo artist playing new material as well as all the hits from both Far and onelinedrawing.
Norman Arenas When he's not dodging tow trucks, Norman runs a house music label imprint in New York City, where he also spends time as a writer and website consultant. Even though he said he would never play in another band again before starting New End Original, he thinks he really means it this time.
Scott Winegard Went on to co found the GrapeOS label with Virgin A&R man David Wolter. Having recently returned to New York, Winegard is currently playing with friends and letting his hair grow to gross proportions.
Charlie Walker Living in Brooklyn and spending his free time watching Cliff 'em All and listening to Kyuss, Charles has been busy recording with a plethora of rock luminaries such as Gavin Rossdale (Bush), Sergio Vega (Quicksand) and Gabe McNair (No Doubt).