State Of The Nation




Rob Haworth - Guitar/Vocals
Mark Haworth - Bass
Andy Patterson - Drums

The Story

In between railing against the unjust imprisonment of Native American activist Leonard Peltier and touring with their comrades in Rage Against The Machine, State of the Nation actually found themselves to be an indomitable force of politically-fueled punk in their own right. Ex-members of Hard Stance, Farside, and Inside Out get collective and pro-active over a soundtrack of Twin Tone-inspired revolution rock.

Where Are They Now?

Rob Haworth Currently married and living in Chico, CA, where he and his wife are the proud parents of twins. He is also a cofounder for the collectively run independent media site, RegenerationTV.
Mark Haworth Mark lives in Los Angeles with is wife, and spends his time on the road as Tour Manager for Rancid and a host of other bands.
Andy Patterson A resident of Salt Lake City, Utah, Patterson went on to play drums for Bluetip and Shelter, Now married, he operates the Hip recording studio and is playing in Hudson River School.