Omaha, NE [2003-Present]

Denver Dalley

The Story

He stands at a formidable 6'3", but somehow Denver Dalley got lost in the shadows as the guitar player and co-songwriter for the locally-charged Omaha rock band Desaparecidos, allowing most of the attention to be soaked up by the band's much shorter (though certainly just as formidable) frontman Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes. But with Dalley now rocking out as a one-man-singing-and-a-strummin' outfit called Statistics, he has begun to shine brightly, illuminated at center stage by a single spotlight that does wonders to expose his exquisite and elegantly framed pop songs. No longer tied to the monster riffs and urban sprawl rants of his former band, Statistics finds Dalley left to his own devices-backwards guitars, vintage synths, point-and-click beats-and growing with each day as he wakes and writes away out in the sticks, painting pictures of middle American ennui with a bright and brilliant pallet.