The Explosion




Boston, MA [1998-2007, 2011, 2014-Present]

Matt Hock - vocals
David Walsh - guitar
Damian Genuardi - bass
Andrew Black - drums 
Christopher Gonzalez - guitar

The Story

"All we know is what came before/There's no revolution anymore," sings The Explosion, but the chorus isn't a resolution--it's an indictment. Hailing from Boston and referencing influences riding the T, as well as the London tube, this rowdy quintet released its first full-length and an EP through Jade Tree before heading off for the majors. Well schooled in the formula and the expected party line, The Explosion eschews both for a down-to-earth, nobody's hero approach. For quick reference, try "Reactor" or "Terrorist" (Flash Flash Flash). If the first casualty of "smart punk" is the anthem, then The Explosion seems prepared to bring the first aid, with ringing guitar, commanding fist-pumpers and rousing singalongs. Marrying a solid foundation of The Clash and Cocksparrer with the openness of contemporary, Stateside peers, The Explosion follows in the footsteps of a few legendary Beantowners, with more than a few nods to their forebears. Luckily, the band avoids cliché and caricature while still delivering the row. Watch your back when you attack, 'cuz they might just turn on you.