you blew it!




Orlando, fl [2009-present]

Tanner Jones
Andy Anaya
Trevor O'Hare
Matt Nissley
Andy Vila

The Story

You Blew It! are following up their critically acclaimed sophomore album, Keep Doing What You’re Doing, with a 7” on Jade Tree. Pioneer Of Nothing comes after a cycle of touring with bands like The Front Bottoms, Say Anything, and Citizen and will see the band taking on their own headlining tour in support of the 7” with Tiny Moving Parts and Rozwell Kid. Pioneer Of Nothing is stylistically a perfect match for longtime fans of the band and new ones coming in from Jade Tree’s long and established fan base.

While it’s helpful that the band’s peers and influences are in the spotlight, You Blew It! have always been conscious to never box themselves in as evidenced by the fact they’ve toured with everyone from Motion City Soundtrack to Less Than Jake, cultivating relationships with acts far outside their genre. “We’ve sometimes been pigeonholed by other people in the past but I feel like regardless of what’s happening culturally that’s going to be impossible to do if people listen to this album because we really stepped out of our comfort zone to do something different,” Jones explains. “It’s great to see people excited about the music we’re making but we want to make sure that they stick around regardless of whatever trends are in vogue because we plan on being here for a long time.” 

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Management: Joe Marro / Working Group MGMT
Booking: Greg Horbal / The Kenmore Agency
Press: Talia Miller / Brixton Agency